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“Falun Dafa cultivates a Falun in the lower abdomen area instead of Dan….Falun Dafa cultivates Zhu Yishi instead of Fu Yishi, He Who practices attains Gong. Namely, your Zhu Yishi or Zhu Yuansheng attains the cultivation energy.” –Li Hongzhi*

The doctrines of the Great Law of Falun Dafa can give guidance to anyone in their cultivation including those who have religious beliefs. This is the Principle of the universe, the true Law that has never been revealed. In the past humans were not allowed to know the Principle of the universe (Buddha Law); it transcends all the sciences and moral principles of ordinary human society from ancient times to the present. What has been taught in religions and what people have experienced are only superficialities and phenomena, while its extensive and profound inner meaning can only present itself to and be felt and understood by the cultivators who are at different levels of their true cultivation, and they can really see what the Law is. –Li Hongzhi*

Falun Gong (pronounced fah-luhn gung) is Li Hongzhi’s version of qi gong, which is an ancient Chinese practice of “energy cultivation”. Falun means “wheel of law”; falun dafa is falun Buddha law.* According to Li, Falun Gong “is a cultivation system aiming at cultivating both human life and nature. The practitioner is required to attain enlightenment (open his cultivation energy) and achieve physical immortality in this mortal world when his energy potency and Xinxing [mind-nature] have reached a certain level.”*

Li claims to have taken energy cultivation to a new level. He also claims to have some 100 million followers worldwide, though he also claims that he keeps no records and that Falun Gong is not a cult, religion or sect (“Followers defend Falun Gong as innocuous,” by Brian Milner, The Globe and Mail (Canada), July 22, 1999.)

Li left China in the early 1990s and lives in New York City. He promotes his beliefs in books he has written. His teachings are available on the Internet, which has significantly affected his status and popularity internationally. While much of Falun Gong is a rehash of traditional Chinese notions regarding meditation and exercises, Li has emphasized an anti-scientific approach to disease and medicine. He says disease is “is a black energy mass” that he can dissipate with his powers. Those who use medicine for their illnesses lack faith in Falun Gong. True believers don’t need medicine. They understand that disease exists in some other space beyond physical space and that only those with “supernormal capabilities” can truly heal. True healing involves “cultivation energies…in the form of light with very tiny particles in great density.”* He claims that he does not tell people not to use medicine, but that he has cured thousands of terminally ill people. He also claims that he advises terminally ill and mentally ill people not to practice Falun Gong. The former are too focused on their illness and the latter are not clear-minded enough to practice properly.

Li claims that Falun Gong is one of 84,000 cultivation ways of the Buddha’s school. He claims that it has only been used once before, in prehistory, but that he is making it available again “at this final period of the Last Havoc.”*

Falun is the miniature of the universe with all the abilities of the universe. It can automatically move in rotation. It will forever rotate in your lower abdomen area. Once it is installed in your body, it will no longer stop and will forever rotate like this year in and year out. During the time when it rotates clockwise, it can automatically absorb energy from the universe, and it can also transform energy from itself to supply the required energy for every part of your body transformation. At the same time, it can emit energy when it rotates counter-clock and releases the waste material which will disperse around your body. When it emits energy, the energy can be released to quite a distance and it brings in new energy again. The emitted energy can benefit the people around you….When Falun rotates clockwise, it can collect the energy back because it rotates forever….

Because Falun rotates forever, it cannot be stopped. If a phone call comes or someone knocks on the door, you may go ahead and take care of it immediately without having to finish the practice. When you stop to do your work, Falun will rotate at once clockwise and take back the emitted energy around your body.*

How Li knows about these rotations is a mystery, but he has many followers throughout the world who feel enlightened by these “teachings.”

In short, Falun Gong is based upon the belief that the universe consists of magical energies that can be tapped into by certain practices and which can eliminate the need for medicine, bringing one to a state of enlightenment and physical immortality.* Its popularity seems directly related to its claim to bring health and relieve stress while providing enlightenment. It is anti-science, anti-medical establishment, and anti-materialism; thus, Falun Gong is attractive to many people who are fed up with the world as it is and their position in it.

It is difficult to understand why the Communist party in China fears Falun Gong. Their practices would relieve the demand for medical assistance, thereby saving the government millions of yuan. They encourage truthfulness, forbearance and compassion. Of course, members may not be very useful to society, since they are not materialistic and would prefer to spend their days meditating and exercising in the park, cultivating energies, rather than working in factories. Then again, communists don’t like competition.

Original text from: http://www.skepdic.com/falungong.html


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I’m Huang Cuiyan, 49 years old and live in Niulanshan Town, Shunyi District, Beijing. Due to obsessing with Falun Gong before, I lost my decent job, the family was broken and my son refused to live with me, but I still remained impenitent. And then my eldest sister and other relatives sent me to the psychological treatment center. On arriving at the center, I rejected  drinking, eating and talking.

During the second night after arriving at the psychological treatment center, I dreamed about the “Master” vaguely. He said at 12:00 am tomorrow a group of disciples and I would reach “Consummation”, while the sight of “Ascension in Broad Daylight” would appear on the occasion. I couldn’t believe it was true when I woke up. But on the second thought, I remembered the words of Master: “Consummation takes many different forms…In our practice system, I use the method of Ascension in Broad Daylight for those who are to go to the Falun Paradise… I can tell you, though, that with so many people reaching Consummation this time, I will definitely leave a profound lesson for the people who didn’t believe. So when my disciples Consummate in the future it will very likely be a magnificent sight, one that human society will never forget.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland, September 4–5, 1998) I got so excited at the thought of the magnificent sight. After a long night, the day broke finally. I was bursting to tell the staff of the treatment center the good news and asked them firmly to return the confiscated things about Falun Gong. At the same time, I invited them to see this great magnificent feat。

I was in a state of great excitement all morning, and then I tried to control my emotions and began to study the Fa, practice and sit in meditation according to routine. At about 11 o’clock, I started packing up the things returned by the center. The volunteers of the center advised me not to take too much stuff, because the heaven has everything. I turned my back on them and made a decision to myself that in no case should I keep Master’s treasures for them.

At 11:30 am, holding the Zhuan Falun and other books in my bosom and pockets, I walked up to the yellow cushion in the open space with a banner printed with “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” over my shoulders and Li Hongzhi badges as well as “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance” medals on my chest. Then the staff of the center came over and said: “Here are three suggestions for you. First, please take the three practitioners with you, I hope you can reach Consummation together. Second, don’t fly over the Capital Airport because there would be death if you clash against the plane, then you couldn’t reach Consummation on this vital link. Third, if you don’t need the flesh body, don’t pollute the air when the body goes through Light-Transformation in the air.” I nodded my head and said: “I will try my best.” Thereupon, I said to the three fellow practitioners: “Just go to prepare, or it will be too late.” Then, four of us began to sit in meditation silently waiting for the Master to pick us up.

As the minutes ticked away, the sun began to set behind the mountain, but there was still no sign for flying. My heart became anxious, then uneasy, impatient and helpless. Finally, other three fellow practitioners stood up and left full of grumble…But I could not be reconciled and kept waiting. The sun would set soon but I still didn’t fly up. I couldn’t support myself any more like a pricked balloon and fell in a faint at last.

It was dark when I woke up and I was so grieved to find myself still lying in bed. Thinking about the things I did for Dafa in more than a decade: I stepped forward to validate the Fa in the face of pressure; in order to totally repudiate the arrangement by all the evil old forces, I made every effort to “clarify the truth, send forth righteous thoughts and save sentient beings”; in order to protect the Fa, I cut off affection, flung away my wife and child resolutely, but in the end, I got nothing! I burst into tears at the thought of this. Instead of comforting me, the volunteers staying by my side let me have my cry out to release the sufferings and grievances of these years.

After the farce of “Ascension in Broad Daylight”, I understand with the volunteers’ help that the way I had passed was so evil and ruthless. But nowadays, with the help of cadres in community, I find a job as a warehouse keeper in a private company of Shunyi District and my son comes back to me again. I really have great passion for the work and great expectation for the life!

text from: http://english.kaiwind.com/Data/02/201007/t114001.htm

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My name is Guo Rong, an employee of Yanan Civil Airport, Shaanxi Province. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 with other practitioners. Obsessed after reading Zhuan Falun, I started regarding Li Hongzhi as a Buddha who would respond to every plea. I considered Zhuan Falun as a Bible by learning which I could “save the all sentient beings and bring them to Paradise,” and “drop out fame, interest and emotion” as the most important test. Finally I got inextricable bogged down in the dismal of Falun Gong. Recollecting the past, I find out that I was totally wrong in the following ten aspects.

First, I stopped taking care of my parents. Before practicing Falun Gong, I was filial, considering their health and comfort, taking good care of them every day. But after practicing, I took no notice of them, let alone cared to their living. They said indignantly, “Falun Gong has deprived us of our son.”

Second, I became estranged from my wife, even like a stranger.

Third, I didn’t care about my son. When he was ill, I thought his illness “resulted from his Karma.” Neither did I take him to see the doctor nor concerned about his life. If anything unexpected had happened to him, I thought, it must have been predestined, because his whole life had been arranged by god in another space. Fortunately he was sent to the hospital by my family and cured, or I would have made an irremediable blunder.

Fourth, I no longer contacted relatives.

Fifth, I refused to join beneficial activities organized by my classmates. My classmates of high school organized the 10th graduation anniversary then. They sent the invitation and called me more than once, urging me to join them. But I thought it was worldly contact and simply would not go.

Sixth, I stopped showing mercy to beggars as I used to do. Since I was convinced of what Li Hongzhi said, I lost all compassion and saw the plight of beggars as “karma” that they had committed in the previous life, and they ought to suffer to repay the karmic debts. Therefore, I no longer gave them anything or help, believing it was the best for them.

Seventh, I stopped making donation to victims of natural disasters. I had been always ready and supportive when the Airport organized donation activities, contributing money or other stuff. But since I believed in Li Hongzhi, I became as cold-hearted as him and thought the victims deserved to the plight which was a divine retribution for their karma committed in the last existence. So I never gave a single dime again when called on to make a donation. Not even for the worst floods ever occurred along the Yangtze valley in south China and Songhua River valley in 1998.

Eighth, I didn’t take part in the national higher education exams for self-taught adults. Before practicing Falun Gong, I was making efforts to pass exams for adults to gain a college diploma. I was also working hard in the hope of getting a promotion to section chief from team leader that I had served as for years. But I gave up all those hopes after practicing Falun Gong, regarding them as pursuit of fame and material interest. I became lethargic and degenerate, clinging to the illusion that I might become an immortal someday.

Ninth, I didn’t work hard. At the Airport, my main duties were fireman and airstrip guard. I used to be a conscientious employee. But after I started practicing Falun Gong, I shrank from stopping my colleagues when they acted in breach of discipline, even though it was incumbent upon me as a team leader. I simply thought of such action as “committing karma,” which was predestined by god. If I had prevented them, I thought, I would have been “immoral” by violating Falun Discipline.

Tenth, I stopped striving to be a model employee. I was unconcerned about the campaign to select model employees through public appraisal, and found such things as rendering meritorious service, striving to be model employee etc., loathsome.

The “Let Go of Fame, Interest and Emotion” trumpeted by Li Hongzhi is indeed a pernicious lie that turned me as hard as nails. And I came within an inch of becoming a good-for-nothing!

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/Words/200905/t92884.htm

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I used to be a Falun Gong practitioner. Instigated by Minghui, I secretly distributed Falun Gong “amulets” to other people in order to “save” them. But to my astonishment, two fellow practitioners reserving amulets were both out of luck: one was thrown into jail for violating laws; the other died of cancer. Here is what happened: One day in March 2007, Wang Yunzhu, my fellow practitioner invited me to a thanksgiving dinner in her house for my finding her a good husband. When we met she said to me mystically: “How can you still behave like an ordinary person? Fa’s rectification of human world is approaching, and how can you do nothing to rescue the world’s people?” Then, she continued to talk about “the God will annihilate the Communist Party,” “the great elimination is oncoming” and so on. I was scared to death: if her words were true, I would “be distinguished physically and spiritually.” But if I really “go out (against the government)” as asked by Li Hongzhi, I would certainly violate the national law. She seemed to look through my mind, and handed me dozens of hard-paper cards, on which were printed the picture of Li Hongzhi sitting on the lotus and words like “Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are good,” “Falun Dafa is good” and “seeing is fortune, gaining is blessing.” Then she said: “These amulets can bless you and keep you safe. If you give them to others, you’ll rescue them, and that is an enormous beneficence.” Holding the amulets in hand, I felt much at ease. The moment I came back home I gave them to my sister and son. However, they refused to accept it, saying it was superstitious, and warned me not to do stupid things. I thought even my relatives were unwilling to take it, let alone others. I decided to keep them for the predestined ones. One day in August 2007, I came across a fellow practitioner called Cheng Yuzhen. We had a talk and I knew she was also practicing Falun Gong secretly, and then she asked me if I had the amulets. Happily, I took out the amulets, kept one with myself and gave the rest to her. I believed I had done great beneficence and felt quite satisfied. Several days later, however, the policemen came to find me. The reason was that Chen Yuzhen, with the amulets on her, thinking she would be protected by the Master, spread amulets and shouted out “Falun Dafa is good” on the No. 56 bus. She was reported to the police and arrested on the spot. When she was on trial, she confessed the amulets were all from me. More unexpectedly, Chen Yuzhen who had practiced Falun Gong for years caught pancreas cancer. Recently, she always felt pain in her abdomen; however, she thought it was from Li Hongzhi who helped her “remove Karma.” In September 2007, the pain became unbearable and she conceded to go to hospital under the plea of her family members. The result turned out to be a terminal pancreas cancer. She died only half a year later. Relying on the protection of “amulet,” Wang Yunzhu printed thousands of Falun Gong leaflets and distributed them around, thus, she was arrested and thrown into jail. The two cases make me realize Falun Gong’s “amulets” harm or even kill people. The so-called amulets are actually utilized by Li Hongzhi to incite his followers to make turmoil in society! I want to tell those obsessed disciples, “tragedies have already happened; Falun Gong and its amulets can only bring you disaster, please give them up now!”

text from: http://www.facts.org.cn/Words/200905/t92287.htm

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